Food & Medication

Food Brands & Medication Routine

All of our boarders are fed breakfast and dinner. We stock Burgess (regular and hypoallergenic) and Burns Sensitive dry foods along with Butchers complete wet food and tinned tuna/mackerel. These foods are carefully chosen to provide balanced, nutritious meals and are suitable for either short or longer term diets. Small treats (markies/bonios/gravy bones) are given as rewards and bedtime treats.

You may want your pet to stay on his/her regular food though and we’re happy to work with that although you must a) bring enough for the duration of the stay and b) it must come in an air/watertight container. We are also happy to give your pet their medications, all meds must come in the original packaging with clear instructions.

 We carry the fullest insurance for pet boarding with the highest available level of Pet Plan cover (commercial policy). Our boarders have access to 24hr vet cover with Jackson Vets in Killearn and we are fully Licensed by Stirling Council. Kuruba is staffed 24 hours a day 365 day a year and are Members of Association of Licensed Kennels and Catteries.