Boarding Terms & Conditions

Kuruba Kennels & Cattery Conditions of Boarding

Pets will only be accepted for boarding on fulfillment of the following conditions;

A current vaccination certificate must be produced showing that dogs have been vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis and parvovirus. The kennel cough vaccination is also required (if in doubt about the protection your dog has, please consult your veterinary surgeon at least 14 days prior to boarding). Flea, tick and worm treatments must also be up to date - if your pet shows symptoms, they will be given the appropriate treatment and any cost incurred will be due for payment by you before collecting your pet. Cats must also be up to date with annual vaccinations.

Owners are asked to declare any history of medical problems that could occur whilst boarding. Any pet presenting symptoms of being unwell on arrival will not be boarded without proof of veterinary treatment (at kennel owners discretion).

Owners boarding more than one pet with us are required to confirm that they may be kenneled together if that is your requirement. Please note that Kuruba Kennels will accept no liability in the unlikely even that your pets injure each other.

Should your pet require any veterinary treatment while boarding with us, they will be examined and treated appropriately by our own vet (Jacksons Veterinary Practice, Kilearn, 01360 550131). If required they will liaise with your own veterinary practice.

In the unlikely event that you should fail to return for your dog or cat on the date you have specified for collection, every effort will be made to contact you. If unsuccessful (after 14 days), the cat or dog will be considered abandoned and reported to Stirling Council.